Canada Immigration benefits for Indians

Benefits of immigrating to Canada

Most people are interested in immigrating to Canada, because the country offers many opportunities for the new immigrants. People can enjoy the multiple benefits of becoming a permanent resident of the country. Immigrants enjoy most of the privileges to Canadian citizens.

People get much opportunity to immigrate to Canada along with their family, including children; immigrants can also visit their home country whenever they need to.

Some of the benefits of immigrating to Canada include the right to live and work in the country. A permanent resident obtains social benefits such as free public school education for children and health care for family members

A person with permanent resident status in Canada can sponsor family members, including parents, brother and sister. For unemployed people and people with financial crisis, economic benefits and social support offered by the Canadian government. In addition, financial rewards are granted for people having children. The country has a very low rate. Moreover, Canada offers a high quality life to those with permanent resident status. In order to visit United States, a visitor visa is not required. You can apply for Canadian citizen ship and passport three years after your first arrival in Canada.

On obtaining Canadian citizenship, you can expand your business in United States under NAFTA agreement; several businessmen have gained from the investor program introduced by the government of Canada.

This a rare feature in the present turbulent world. The benefits of immigrating to Canada are thus more than economy related, and a Canadian citizenship is considered precious and respectable all over the world.

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