Canada Express entry program

Canada Express entry offers a permanent job in Canada. The visa holder under the program can work and live anywhere in the country. There is no Job search is required to apply in this program. We just have to send an expression of interest with our complete profile. We need to add all our qualifications irrespective of the skills to suit any job. The employer here is to go through the qualifications and if he finds any one of your qualifications suits to his job profile or any of your qualifications he likes to improve his business, he further may request the department authorities to send an invitation to you.

You have to apply for the prescribed job again with a completed resume and then if your qualifications and other age and capabilities get you the points required to enable you to get a permanent visa, the authorities would send you a work visa. This comes after you prove your educational qualifications and language skills and adaptability criteria. If everything comes under the rules and regulations stipulated in the terms and conditions to get a visa to the country, the department would send the visa.

The family of the visa holder can take the dependents with him at the time of visiting Canada to start working in Canada. Children of the visa holder and spouse can get all the facilities as like the citizen of the country gets. The permanent work visa holder has to apply for the permanent residence visa within the 60 days of the work visa issued.

For more details about the Canada Express entry and the points required for the program, you may please contact Global gateways In Bangalore. The company serves the visa applicants for more than 15 years successfully.

Contact details : Phone : 080- 41142233 – Email Id:

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