Canada express entry First draw invites 779 applicants

Canada express entry program finally started selection procedure and invites 779 applicants with a cut off score of 886 score points. Every 15 days once the process will be done and this will go on till the end of the year. For your registration and application submission, you may please contact Global gateways in Bangalore. The 15 year experienced company offer free counselling and free assessment on your profile to know the possibilities of getting a Canada express entry visa, which will pave the way for the PR visa to live and settle in the country.

Former FSW applicants also can and must apply for the program seperately to get a chance in the newly introduced visa program. Millions are expected to submit the application in the coming days. If you want to be one of the luckiest person in the world to get a chance to live and settle in Canada with your family members and dependents, rush to apply under the program.

Federal skilled worker program gives limited access to your application as the aplication reaches only one employer to whom you are applying for and for a particular overseas job post. if not selected by the employer your application for job will be rejected and you need to apply for each and every job avaialble and send seperate applications to all employers individually. This is a tedius job and the chances of getting a job is less.

But with the Canada express entry visa, you can reach hundreds of employers through job bank and pool of applications. Many employers can visit your profile, from which you can get more number of chances to get a job in the country. Apply with Global gateways, the expert visa consultants in the city and sent hundreds of applicants to various countries like Australia, NewZealand, Canada, UK and USA. Singapore, Hongkong and European Nations are some of the other countries where Global gateways successfully sending people for the job and consequently getting Permanent resident status in the respective countries.

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