Canada Express Entry 2015- How the Express Entry system works?

Canada Express Entry 2015

How the Express Entry system works

The Express Entry systems consist of two steps:

  • You must find out whether you are eligible to get into the Express Entry system
  • If so, you have to complete your online Express Entry profile

Creating your online Express Entry profile

If you are eligible, you have to complete an Express Entry profile to be used by CIC. Your Express Entry profile is a secure form that contains information regarding your:

  • Identity
  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Education in detail
  • Work experience in detail
  • Language ability
  • Family who would come with you to Canada (dependents) and
  • Other details that will help us assess them

The information provided by you in your profile will be utilized to determine your eligibility to immigrate to Canada. If you are eligible, you will be placed in the Express Entry pool with other candidates. Once you are put into the pool, you will be assessed and then ranked using several factors which constitute a points-based system known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS evaluates your profile with respect to your skills, work experience, language abilities, education and other relevant factors. These factors have been shown to play a role in the economic success of immigrants once in Canada and help them prosper in Canada. Additional points will be granted to candidates who have a job offer or have a nomination by a Canadian Province or Territories under their Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). You will consequently receive a points score based on the information you provided in your profile.

Express Entry rounds of invitations and Invitation To Apply (ITA)

The CIC will select highest ranking candidates from the Express Entry pool on a regular basis over the course of each year and issue Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. The electronic system will use a set of Ministerial Instructions (MIs) to invite candidates from the pool during each round of invitations. If these instructions do not stipulate the immigration programs the candidates must be eligible for, the ITAs will be based on the CRS score only.

If and when the CIC invites a candidate to apply, the candidate will have 60 days to submit a complete application for permanent residence online along with all supporting documents.

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Canada has a strong economy and a potential for greater growth. One of the most important goals of Express Entry 2015 is to ensure that a strong link exists between economic immigration and the needs of Canadian labour market. With this system, labour market shortages in Canada can be filled permanently with skilled foreign workers. And as in a symbiotic relationship, Canada has an immense job market and abundant opportunities for skilled workers. For more information on any of the sections of the Express Entry system 2015, visit the relevant links.

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