Business Visitor visa For Indians

Canada Business Visitor’s visa

Business Visitors Visa

To do Business with Canadian Company thousands of International Business people comes from worldwide. To visit Canada for short Time foreigners can apply under Canada Business Visitors Visa. To explore dynamic business opportunities only eligible applicants are allowed. An applicant who participates in Trade conferences not only meet up with Canadian counter parts in the country but also experience the Canadian culture and hospitality.

ELIGIBILITY For Canada Business Visitor Visa

Nation wise if you are foreigner If you are Foreign National, who are planning to visit Canada on temporary basis is, searching for new business opportunities , investing or enhancing existing business relationships. For few days or few weeks business visitor usually stays in Canada. Considering the business visitors you must show that:

  • You are intending to stay less than six months in the country and not planning to enter Canadian Labor Market.
  • You and your business and income source should from outside Canada
  • Your business profits outside Canada.
  • Provide documents which is supporting to your application
  • You should be meeting under Canada’s basic entry requirements
  • You should have valid travel documents like passport
  • Carry enough money for your stay as well as to return home
  • After finishing your work you should plan to leave Canada
  • Ensure that you should not pose any criminal, security or health risk to Canadians

Business Visitor can enjoy the freedom of travelling anywhere throughout Canada, visit family, friends and experience Canada’s many beautiful attractions. During their stay, business visitors can participate in conferences, trade shows and meet with their prospective clients, they can also take orders, seeking out lucrative business chances and exploring their options which can extend their stay in Canada.

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