British immigration laws against business

British immigration laws against business says report

British immigration laws against business says report

British immigration laws against business says report

According to certain local reports of the UK, the strict immigration rules of the country are negatively affecting several businesses across the capital, London. Out of the 123 businesses across London — covered by the survey on which these reports are based — as many as 23% have found it comparatively tougher to cover the vacancies, in the wake of the coalition government of the nation putting a yearly cap of 20,700 on the migration of the non-EU workers to the country.

These reports add that the restrictions imposed on immigration are also negatively impacting the export future of the businesses. Close to 24% of the firms, which have eyed foreign shores, beyond the EU for staff, disclosed that they feel that the migrants from the non-EU would be pivotal for expanding their markets outside of the EU. However, policy restrictions imply that several businesses across the UK have no option except to hire workers from the Union as a substitute.

Meanwhile, a concerned person was quoted as saying that the best possible solution to offer long-term, sustainable opportunities related to employment, for the British workers, is by making certain that the UK companies are in a position to grow. Immigration rules also make the UK less attractive for the likely investors from abroad. Another concerned person was quoted as saying that many of his company`s partner firms are now exploring the other nations of Europe for their European bases.

The report concludes that the immigration cap put by the UK is leading to a scarcity of workers in specific occupations.

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