Best Visa and Immigration Consultants in Bangalore

Best Visa and Immigration Consultants in Bangalore

Best Visa and Immigration Consultants in Bangalore

Best Visa and Immigration Consultants in Bangalore

Global Gateways offer documentation assistance, preparing applications for various types of visas to reach the countries for different purposes like jobs abroad, educational and business purposes. Application and filing assistance will be provided by us for tourist visas, settlement visas, family visas, dependent visas and child visas as well as dependent parent visas etc. We at Global Gateways render services to the genuine candidates, those who are interested and want of visas of all kinds to enter foreign counties on various missions. We have 21 years of experience and have a great 99% success rate in assisting on getting visas from the embassies of the countries.

Business Visas

If you are on a business trip looking for a business opportunity or to meet your counterparts and attend business meetings of companies of interest, it needs business visas for you and your accompanying people on visiting the country. We need to prove with proper documents that we are on a genuine business trip intended for business purposes to the authorities of the visa issuing countries.

Tourist / Visitor Visas

Tourist visas are issued to visit the places of tourism interest and explore the country to understand the culture and history of the visiting country. Each country has its own time limits and prefixed conditions on issuing the tourist and visitor visas to the select foreign nationals. Proper preparation and filing of documents is required to get a tourist visa on time.

Student Visas

To get a Student visa the applicant has first to get an invitation from a registered university or an educational institution with an admission to study in the country. Student visas are for a limited period of time to study.

Dependent Visas

Dependent visas are meant to join with the breadwinner of the family and stay with him/her in the country, where the person works and settled with a permanent resident visa or a valid work visa.

Settlement Visas

Settlement visas will be issued to those who are eligible to visit and stay with the person holds the immigrant visa. Normally spouse and other dependents of the same family can get a settlement visa from the country.

USA L1 Visas

For the employees, companies want to send the applicant to work in the country on a long-term basis.

USA J-1 Visas

USA J-1 visas are for the people visiting the country on an invitation to attend a program like cultural and social. The invitation can be made by a private organization or by a government body of the country.

UK Sole Representative Visa

Companies want to send a representative on looking a business opportunity in the country. Only one person (One Visa) is allowed under the visa program to stay for 2 years or more.

Work visas

Work visas for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Denmark for the qualified candidates with the skills required to perform the jobs in demand.

Permanent Resident visas

For the qualified candidates as specified by the government of concerned countries.

Contact Global Gateways to know more about the opportunities abroad to work and settle in your preferred country.

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