Benefits of Skilled independent 189 visa

The offered visa gives you the eligibility to work and live in Australia permanently. You and your family members can study in Australia to improve educational qualifications to get a promotion or to get a new job or for an academic interest. Your children can get a free education like the children of Australian citizens. Your spouse can apply for a job in Australia and get it. It need not be in the Australian occupation list for foreigners.

You are allowed to apply for a job after getting an invitation, but it should be within 60 days from the date of invitation. You can apply for the job from outside of Australia or from Australia. Application lodging details will be given in the invitation letter sent to you.

Medicare Programs benefits

You can enroll for a Medicare program in Australia to get free or concessional medical care for you and for your family members. You can access certain social security programs and benefits, but subject to a waiting period prescribed under the scheme. The visa holder can invite and sponsor other family members, those who are not come under the dependent class and not living in Australia for a qualified job and permanent residence. Depending upon the residency criteria at the time of staying in Australia, the visa holder can apply for a citizenship.

Matching qualities

Your application must resemble with the qualifications prescribed in the expression of interest. Your supporting documents should be in aligning with the qualifications mentioned in the application and expression of interest. If there is any discrepancy in the details and the supporting documents submitted by you, then you will be disqualified from getting a job under the scheme.

Skilled Independent (Sub Class) 189 Visa

The applicant and the family members should undergo medical examinations when asked and should meet certain requirements of health standards required to get a visa under the scheme. When asked for police certificates, the applicant and the family members should produce police certificates to meet the character requirements required under the visa scheme. The department will specify the time when to get the certificates from the relevant countries the applicant and family members live for more than 12 months, over the past 10 years. The police certificates are required to for the family members above the age of 16 years of age and under the age of 26 years of age.

Visit or call Global gateways in Bangalore for clear information on the requirements and qualifications of you and your family members. In the case of any rejection of your visa application at the first instance it may be difficult to get a visa on further attempts.


Rights like a citizen

You can enjoy all the facilities and rights enjoyed by an Australian citizen after the visa issued. You need to provide biometrics details based on scientific procedures. IF you are staying outside Australia when you are issued the visa, the department will specify the date, when you can enter Australia.

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