B2 Tourist Visa for the USA

B2 Tourist Visa for the USA

B2 Tourist Visa for the USA

B2 Tourist Visa for the USA

SA Visitor9 Visa is a tourist visa to the US. It is also known as B2 Visa. Visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to People coming into the US temporarily for pleasure, tourism, or clinical treatment. Any overseas citizen which includes parents who want to visit the USA for tourism, visiting children, family, friends, spouse and children, attending special events, own family functions, ceremonies, or for clinical treatment may qualify and can apply for Visitor Visa.

The B-2 tourist Visa is a non-immigrant visa meant for persons entering the U.S. for pleasure or medical treatment. The B-2 visa is usually referred to as a tourist visa. Peoples trying to go to the U.S. temporarily for business purposes need the B-1 Business Visa.

Persons on a B-2 visa are not allowed to study or work during their stay in the U.S. In certain cases, tourist visa holders can participate in courses which are recreational and not credit based. These courses should be for no longer than 18 hours per week. An example would be a tourist attending a dance workshop for two days while on a visit for purely tourism purposes; no credits are earned and the learning was for recreational purposes.

However, it is always advisable that the person checks with their consulate and the school if the visa could be used for such study. Persons traveling to the U.S. to attend courses or conferences and seminars to earn credits towards a degree need student visas.

The B-2 visa category does not have a corresponding dependent visa category. Dependents accompanying B-2 Visa holders will have to qualify on their own basis for a B Visa, The B-2 Visa Can be used by dependents of certain other non-immigrant visa holders.

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Visitor visa is subject to approval. You must apply and get the visitor visa stamped in your passport.

A tourist visa is granted for a specific Purpose only, like tourism, medical treatment, etc. The person entering the United States on visitor visa should not be involved in the study, business, or work. If the purpose of your trip is business, you must apply for US Business Visa (B1 Visa).

The maximum length of stay in the US on visitor visa can be 6 months or less, which is subject to grant at the port of entry at US airport on arrival. An extension to maximum 6 months may be possible which is subject to approval. To request an extension, you will need to submit a visitor visa extension application to USCIS with a fee.

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