Austria Study Visa or Student Visa For Indians


Austria is located at a prime spot in Europe region and is widely regarded as hot spot for education for overseas students. It is regarded as one of the most peaceful countries in the world and is very much suitable for overseas students who does not like the hustle – bustle of the highly populated cities which is a sort of distraction for the students.

The respect and popularity gained by the educational institutions in Austria by the quality of education imparted by them is a testimony to the overall research and development which takes in Austria for the field of education.

The Higher Education offered at the universities of Austria are of high quality standards and matches the global standards and are renowned worldwide. Teachers and professors who teach at these educational institutions are well trained and are highly experienced.

Usually the Universities in Austria which offers the Bachelor’s Program are normally for a period of six to eight semesters and masters program normally for a period of two to four semesters and post graduate programs are for at least 6 semesters, Diploma Programs are for eight to ten months.

The intake for the courses at the Educational Institutes in Austria is usually around the month of October and the program ends by the month of September the next year

These courses are usually divided into two intakes that is Summer Intake and Winter Intake

Students are also give breaks during the month of Christmas and summer holiday breaks where overseas students can visit their family in home country and return back to Austria to continue their Educational course.

These Educational institutes offer foreign language courses like German, French, Italian etc….

There is a help for overseas students which prepare them for the supplementary exams in the form of Programs for University Preparation.

If an overseas student want to get an admission for the post graduation studies at universities in Austria then he or she has to contact the concerned authorities at the University to get to know about the admission procedures.

Relevant application form needs to be filled and the requested documents of completion of Under Graduate courses should be uploaded for verification by the authorities of the university.

Global gateways provides complete information about the education in Austria and assist to get Austrian educational visa for the students.


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