Austria Red White Red Card – Visa for the aspirants who want to settle in Austria

Austria Red White Red Card is a flexible method one can get a comparatively easy entry in to the country. The family of the applicant also can enter and settle in the country. The applicant would get a chance if he is a qualified skilled worker with good educational background. A permanent resident is eligible for the Austria Red White Red card holders. Age, Language skills and experience in the required job with the relevant rich educational qualifications can make the application process easy and chances of getting the Austria Red White Red card is more.

The job opportunity will be given for the initial period of 12 months with the RWR card. This is a point based system, which allows the applicants spouse can get a RWR card plus and can work in the country during the period. This needs the main applicant find a job which requires relevant qualifications the applicant have. The successful job seekers will be given a 6 months initial resident permit. The employee has to work with the employer at least for a 10 month period before get the access to the labor market. Then he/she can apply for any job in the country that requires his/her qualifications and skills.

After 5 years of resident status the card holder can apply for a permanent residence in the country and eventually he can get a Citizenship to get complete rights and facilities as well as social security benefits from the country.

About Austria

The landlocked country surrounded by eight countries. The northern border shared by Czech Republic and Germany and the eastern border lined with Slovakia and Hungary, Slovenia and Italy shared the southern border, Liechtenstein and Switzerland covered the eastern border.  The world’s popular Alps Mountain makes the country a mountainous terrain. Nine federal states combined with a parliamentary system. The people in the country speak German as their main language. German is the official language for 1.6 million people. The capital Vienna is the largest city in the country.

Austria has a high standard of living, the country ranked as the 25th richest country in the world for its Human development Index.

Visa process

The applicant must be a qualified well experienced to the job to which he is applying for. Age and language skills will be calculated under a point based system to qualify to apply for a job. The applicant must score 50 points out of 75 total points. As per the Social affairs minister’s statement Austria requires a lot of migrant labor to meet the skill shortage in the country.

Why Austria

  • Top international competitor
  • Beautiful place to live in Europe
  • Great standard of living
  • Strong economy & job market
  • In need of skilled people
  • Low unemployment rate
  • Stable Government
  • Short processing time
  • Low investment.


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