Austria immigration Red White Red Card To Enter Europe

Austria Red White Red Card

Austria has a new Immigration called as Red White Red Card.  The individual who wanted to settle down in Austria can apply for Red White Red Card, based on labor market and personal related criteria.

Red White Red Card first it is valid for 12 months, based on the employment specified from the employer. Individual who are self-employed can apply for this Visa and the Key points; this involves lot of investments, lot of new technologies transfer to Austria, this also need to create new jobs in Austria.

The individual can apply for the Austria Red White Red Card if he is highly qualified. For example Minimum of Graduation from higher education for 4 years, expert in subjects likes Technology, Mathematics, Natural Sciences or Bioinformatics, Post-Doctoral or PhD, Innovation and Research activities.

The person who have shortage occupations training with proof under the regulation, if the individual had been offered a job in Austria and employer willing to send work permit with minimum collective agreement, pay by law and regulation.

The applicant requires health insurance based on General Social Insurance Act. It should be adequate fixed and own income which covers his or her living cost that includes resorting from welfare aid authorities for example the total coverage for a family of applicant, spouses and child should be €1459.79.

Austria has different types of Visa as follows Settlement permit, Red White Red Card, Settlement Permit Dependent, Settlement permit Visa for Gainful Employment Excepted and Family member

In other cases like, researchers and Scientists need to have Residence Permit at least for 2 years, The applicant with Settlement Permit also need to stay for 2 years, Permanent Residence Visa is for the individual who have previously staying in European Union and  Visa is expired they can apply for extension of Visa.

The Individual need to fill the application in person before entering the embassy abroad. The individual who is holding a Visa free regime can fill the application through competent residence authority at Austria.

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