Australia visitor visa Eligibility Conditions

Australia visitor visa applicants should show enough funds to spend on the tour. The Applicant and the accompanying people should mention the places of stay and the approximate expenses to be made on the visit. If the applicant and the accompanying people, if any, have to show the invitation letter from the relatives, if they are going to stay with their friends or the family members of their own. The invitees must possess a permanent residence in the country with valid residential permits. No state funds will be available for the tourists during the stay and medical expenses also have to be carried out by their own. Insurance coverage is compulsory if the applicant and the accompanying person is older than 70 years of age.

Applicants are not eligible to seek an employment in the country, and they should not engage in any work related activities that is payable or not payable during the visa period. But the visa holders can discuss the employment opportunities on their profile with an employer in the future. Visa holders can take up a course of study that must end before the visa validity period ends. Visas are meant for travel and tour Australia. The visa holders can undergo medical treatment, but it should also within the duration of the validity period.

Long term tourist visa are for 12 months period and short-term visas also available for 3 months under the Eta visa scheme, which has a valid period of 12 months, but the ETA visa holder has to leave Australia after a continuous 3months period of stay.

Tourist visa applicants should have no criminal records anywhere in the world. The visa holders are subject to comply with the local laws and rules and regulations of the government of Australia and the regions. Applicants must undergo the medical examination and this is mandatory for all, those who want to visit Australia. If the applicant stating that he/she is going to stay with a family member or friends should have an invitation letter from them and it is like NOC and the residents of the country are called as sponsors of the visitor.

Applicants of certain countries may need a temporary resident visa to visit and stay in the country. The visa holder has to inform the authorities about his stay and the whereabouts to the immigration officer concerned.

Types of temporary visas

A single entry visa

This is valid for 6 months and the minimum validity period of this visa is 30 days.

Multiple entry visa

This allows the visa holder to visit the country multiple times and exit the same whenever necessary. The applicant must specify in the application about the duration of the stay at each time he is going to visit and stay in the country.

Transit visa this is issued for the people who travel through Australia to other countries and have a validity period of 48 hours after entering the country. He should leave the country before the validity period ends.

Business visitor visa

The visa validity period also is for 6 months and the minimum of 30 days validity period allowed under the visa rules and regulations.

Accompanying people should apply individually.

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