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Australia Visit visa

The country is known for its great barrier reefs, that is the largest in the world. The largest island, but the smallest continent in the world offers amazing places to tour and explore the nation with adventurous sporting events and traveling opportunity.

The largest Island continent Australia offers many types of temporary visas to the convenient of travellers to Australia. Apart from the Immigration visas, tourist visas can be used to meet the prospective employers on the possibilities of getting job in the continent. Short term study courses are also can be done through the tourist visas. Duration of the study courses must be within the visa validity period.

For the people who visit Australia frequently can get an ETA – Electronic travel authority from the visa and immigration department. The ETA allows the holder to visit multiple times and it eliminate the need for submitting paper applications and forms to the authorities, each and every time visit Australia. Aspirants with business purposes or to attend seminars and sports events can apply for an ETA to avail multiple entries and exits with Australia without any approval or visa stamped in the passports.

Australian visa has its unique characteristics; the visa can be used for a maximum of 12 months period, but at the same time, the visa holder cannot stay for more than three months continuously in the country. Multiple entries are allowed under the visa scheme. If any traveller wants to stay for a longer period than 3 months, the traveler has to apply for a separate tourist visa, which will be stamped in the passport and can be used for study purposes and medical attention needs for up to 12 months period. One can take up study course that lasts for a period of maximum 12 months.

Whether it is ETA or a long term tourist visa, the visa holders have to support them during the visa period financially. The accompanying people also have to prove financial evidence to prove that they have enough funds to stay and tour Australia till the time they are in the country. ETA visa can be applied from outside of Australia and the applicant should have a valid passport. The validity should be lasts till the end of the journey in the country.

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