Australia visa for studies and job-NEW Zealand visa processing to get a PR visa

Australia Visa and New Zealand Visa Processing

The procedure for achieving an Australian and New Zealand visa can be a complicated process.

Australian visa process is different. Any tourist who has the appropriate passport and do not have any immigration controversies they can apply over the internet on the Australian webpage.

Otherwise they can consult an immigration professional. The professionals can meet your category or condition and suitability.

Australian and New Zealand immigration authorities might not consider the applicant if he has health issues. You need to take advance help from your visa consultant. The applicant’s entry to Australia or New Zealand will be denied if the immigration authorities doubt if the applicant is not a genuine tourist who will leave the country within three months of arrival.

To obtain Permanent Residency, student visas are one of the ways. For example, if the visa applicant starts his student program for studies with an aim of applying for Permanent Residency based on the educational qualifications.

  • Spouse Visa

  • Partner Visa

  • Skilled Visa

  • Business Visa

Applicants for the above mentioned visas need to undergo an extensive and complicated process of gathering correct evidence and submitting them for supporting their application.

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