Australia visa for skilled workers

Australian visa department has many visa programs for the skilled workers from the foreign countries. Skilled independent visa offers a free access to work anywhere in the country. IF you are coming under state nomination you need to work in the state for a limited time period and then you are free to move anywhere in Australia. Permanent residence permit will be given when you are eligible to get the same.


Family of the visa holder can get all the facilities and the rights as that of the Citizen of Asutralia gets. Spouse of the visa holder is also eligible to work in the country without any prior permission and seperate work visa. The children are getting free education from the country and the medical benefits reimbursements are possible once the skilled worker meets the norms of the visa department.

Australian government employ a point based system to recruit qualified candidates to enrich the economy. Year by year employers in the country and the government itself needs thousands of skilled workers to perform jobs in the country. Though there is some unemployment problem prevail in the country, that is due to the unskilled citizens of the same.

Point based system enables the skilled workers to work in the country, age and the education qualifications get major points to make one to qualify for the program. Adaptability and the language skills are necessory to get necessory points, that is almost 75 points out of 100 points allotted to various fields of qualification criteria.

For more information and free counselling and free assessment on your profile to kow that you are eligible to apply for any job in demand at present in Australia, you may please visit Global gateways in Bangalore. Australian visa entitles you to get a great lifestyle and uncomparable salary packages to lead a wonderfull live in the copuntry.

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