Australia Visa and Schengen Visa Requirements and Eligibility

 Schengen Visa

People who are applying for Schengen Visa like tourist visa, business visa & transit visa are advised to visit Germany visa application center VFS at their respective location to submit their application

Schengen Visa has to be obtained from the consulate or embassy of the country in which the main purpose of your travelling lies

You have to check your travel plans before you submit your application. If you are planning to visit multiple Schengen countries then you have to prepare the application for that particular country where you are going to stay for the maximum number of days

Submission Process

The traveler must submit the application personally

If the traveler is applying through a representative then he should be sent with an authorization form

The representative has to carry a valid photo and ID proof which has to be submitted at VFS during the time of application submission

As applicable the applicant should be required to fill the Anexure A providing all the required details of the travel agency or representative

Important Information

The passport which has been issued should be issued within the last 10 years and that passport should be containing at least 2 empty pages and 3 months validity once after the scheduled return

The passports which are hand written and with which the observation regarding the front page data cannot be accepted

The visa application and passport from VFS can be submitted and applied by the applicant himself or through any person who has authorized letter and ID Proof

The person who is visiting to Germany for short time visit of up to 90 days do not need visa who hold Indian diplomatic passports

The processing time for certain nationals is at least 10 days those countries include (Tibet, Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran)

  Schengen Visa

If the person is planning for a short term visit to Germany, Then you must apply for Schengen visa Germany is one among those 26 European countries which formed the Schengen area where there is no border limit between them

The countries will also issue the common visa which will stay up to 90 days


Tourist Visa Requirements

The person has to provide 4 photos with white background

There should be a covering letter

They should provide employment or business proof

The hotel confirmation should be provided with day to day activities

They should provide personal bank statement for last six months

The person should provide personal income tax papers for last three years

Should provide pay slip for last three months

There should be a employer leave certificate

If this trip includes children then the leave certificate from their school must be provided

Business Visa Requirements

Two colored photos with white background

A detailed covering letter on company letter head

A letter of invitation from Australia

Evidence for business

Last 6 months personal bank statement

Last 3 years personal & company income tax papers

Last 3 months company bank statement

Copy of company registration

Last 3 months pay slip

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