Australia Visa -Aged Dependent Relative visa -subclass 114

If any Australian citizen’s aged relatives living outside the country, but with a financial dependence on the citizen and wanted to visit and stay with the citizen needs to apply for the dependent visa to visit and stay in the country. The aged relatives have to stay outside Australia while applying for the visa. The applicants have to meet certain age requirements stated in the rules and regulations set by the Australian visa authorities.

The applicant must be relying on the Australian citizen for financial needs. The sub class visa is a permanent one. The visa allows the older people to stay with the Australian citizen and the Australian should be in a position to support the applicant financially. Till the visa application gets granted the applicant has to stay outside Australia from applying for the visa. The applicant can apply for a permanent citizenship visa if eligible. The eligible conditions are set by the Australian authorities as well as the age requirements. Indefinite stay is allowed by this visa.

For the five years from the date of visa granted the applicant can travel from Australia to anywhere in the world and travel back to the country as it becomes the home country. After the initial five years of time period the visa holder has to apply for a different visa to continue the stay in the country.

The aged dependent relative visa subclass 114 visa will be issued in limited numbers and the applicant has to wait till his/her turn comes. There is no processing time has been fixed for this visa as this visa will be considered as a lower priority visa when compared to the other family visas like child visa and partner visas. The applicant has to possess a valid passport at the time of applying for the visa. If a new passport is in the process of approval, the applicant has to wait and apply for the visa after the passport arrives.

If the application is under process and the passport expires during the visa processing time, and the applicant applies for a new passport the applicant has to inform the visa authorities on the progress of the passport approval time to time. The aged applicants have to pay the fees of the visa application as per the rules and regulations and there may be some additional fees for the medical checkups and other assessments including police certificates and all.

Don’t be hurry and get the certificates and medical assessments on your own, the visa authorities will inform you when the medical treatment has to be taken and the police certificates have to be received. The timing of the certificates and the validity is important in the Australia visa processing.

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