Australia Tourist Visa and Visitor Visa advantages and purpose

Australia Tourist and Visitor Visa

There are three kinds of Australia tourist and Visitor Visa; one would be Electronic Travel Authority Visa, Sponsored family visitor visa or Tourist Visa. The Citizen of New Zealand doesn’t require a Visa to travel to Australia. What type of Visa that you required will be based on the nationality, reason for travel and the period of time that you wanted to stay in Australia. The individual need to apply the visa for full time, because sometime it is possible that you cannot extend the Visa.

The Electronic Travel Authority Visa doesn’t get a stamp in the passport; the record will be maintained by the Australian Immigration officers.

The Electronic Travel Authority Visa can be applied if the individual stays less than 3 months. Australia have 34 eligible countries list who can apply for the Visa and non-eligible countries  have special arrangements which does not fall on the eligible list. The Electronic Travel Authority Visa can be applied though the Internet, travel agent or at office of Australian Visa in your country. There are no charges applied if you apply for Visa on internet.

The Tourist Visa can be applied for 3 or 6 months and sometimes it will extend till 12 months based on the ability of the individual, anyone can apply for the Australian Tourist visa. Individual can apply for the Tourist Visa through internet, registered travel agencies and through service providers.

The Sponsored Family Visitor Visa can be applied for 3 or 12 months and the individual should be outside Australia and sponsor in Australia who is member at Australian parliament or other authorized person. The sponsor need to collect the copy of passport and certified and complete a form from the individual and submit the application with another form filled by Sponsor to applicable office.

When you apply for Electronic Travel Authority or Tourist Visa through Internet and if that gets rejected, the individual can mail paper application to the Australian Government to specific offices.

Once you receive an Australian Visa, you will be given a Visa grant notification letter which will explains entry requirements, the period of validity and the conditions of your Visa. The individual can carry the Visa grant notification letter with him as it gives important information, which will help to understand the terms and conditions.

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