Australia Temporary Work Entertainment visa

Australia Temporary Work Entertainment visa


Australia Temporary Work Entertainment visa allows you to work in Australia entertainment industry as performer & as a support for production staff


You will be eligible to get this visa if you are working in Australia for entertainment industry and you are sponsored by an entertainer

Australia Temporary Work Entertainment visa will allow you to work in film, television or live productions either a performance or behind the scene as directing, producing.

This visa process involves

Sponsorship: An eligible individual applies to become an entertainment sponsor who is nominated by Australian organization, government agency or foreign government agency

Nomination: you will be nominated by the entertainment sponsor to undertake the position

When you are applying for this visa in Australia you should be in Australia. If you are applying outside Australia, you should be outside Australia when the visa is granted

This visa applicable to family members only if they hold media and film staff visa

This visa will allow you to work as a performer in a theater, film, radio production & concert. You can also support an entertainer or group of entertainers to a performing concert. You can work in production & direction team as well. To make a commercial or documentary

You can stay in Australia for a nominated position for a maximum of two years. To perform the work that has been specified in your nomination. Can bring eligible family members to Australia. Till your visa is valid you can enter and leave Australia as many times as you want.

Before you apply for this visa you should be nominated and sponsored by an approved entertainment sponsor

To become an approved entertainment sponsor, he should be nominated by an Australian organization, foreign government agency or an eligible individual. You must be nominated by an approved entertainment sponsor for a particular role

To be subsidized or not subsidized by the government you should be a performer in film or television production. Other than as a performer can play production roles. Be a support staff for a group of entertainers. Involving in nonprofit engagements. Commercials & documents which are made for outside Australia

The person who is on shore and already holds a visa with no further stay condition cannot apply for this visa


Australia Temporary Work Entertainment visa sponsorship, nomination & application charges are listed in fees & charges

Visa application charges need not be paid if you are outside Australia and if you can show. You are in Australia to perform or support a performer for a nonprofit purpose in one or more engagements

The Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has approved the Australian government to fund your sponsor wholly or partially. You will be eligible for a bulk discount if you are outside Australia when you apply for this visa and you should be a member of an entertainment body. That body should comprise minimum of 10 applicants and all the 11 applications should be lodged together


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