Australia Temporary Sponsored visa 457 to work in Australia


The Visa subclass 457 for Australia is a type of temporary sponsored visa for skilled employers to work in Australia. This can either be self sponsorship visa or business Sponsorship Visa. Australian 457 visa application is processed under the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

People with 457 Visa are eligible to work with any sponsored employer for a period of about four years and are given the freedom to invite their family members and their spouse but have restrictions on the  and the kind of work they are eligible to undertake. The applicants of  this visa can actually fly out of Australia many times and return back to Australia

The Employers who are hiring applicants with 457 visa should have got approval as a sponsor who are recognized by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and there is also a possibility of changing the sponsor and the application will be under the obligation of the new sponsor.

The applicant should also clear the minimum eligibility which is required for clearing the language proficiency requirement of 457 visa and he also has to undergo the required

Applicant  who are under 457 Visa always aim to get permanent residency visa after completing their stipulated time in Australia under temporary residency.

An Employer can be called as sponsor if he has the desired requirements

  • He has to register himself under Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia and apply under the category of Sponsor.
  • Ask permission for the number of Employees who you want to hire and provide employment under what category.
  • Should show corporation with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection when they are monitoring the requirements.
  • Help the applicant whom you are hiring under 457 visa as being their sponsor.

Some of the list of Jobs or Professions which are eligible for 457 visa are as follows:-

Accounting and Financing

General Accountant

Accountant (Taxation)

Internal Auditor

External Auditor


Electorate Officer

Project or Program Administrator

Fleet Manager


Agricultural Consultant


Soil Scientist

Agricultural Technical Officer

Park Ranger


Flight Engineer

Flying Instructor

Sea Transport Professionals 


Fashion Designer

Interior Designer




Construction Manager

Project Builder


Building Associate 

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