Australia Student Visa Amendments for the student visa Applicants

The Australia department of immigration and citizenship (DIAC), have made below amendments.

First is the study visa which allows working in Australia after four years of graduation completion, which include masters, bachelors and PhDs who will be permitted to work in Australia.

And second is instead of IELTS exams, the Australian student visa applicant should now take down the following examination they are TOEFL i.e.  Test Of English as a Foreign Language, The PTE Academic ie the Pearson Test of English and the Cambridge English i.e. Advanced CAE test

DIAC has allowed home stay at prepaid service which would be added in pre paid mode in finance requirement assessment itself

And especially the PHDS holder can extend their stay until the completion of research work.

And the pre visa assessment is as of now discontinued for student visa applicants for level 3 and 4

And even the evaluation level has been lowered from different countries applicant.

The changes in above will have the following effects they are

VISA COST:  the visa cost which was applicable before is AUD $ 565, as of now its AUD$ 535 which mostly applies to all visa application charges which is non refundable and the fees is not applicable for categories like secondary school exchange student or student who are affected by the closure of their education provider and its not applicable who are sponsored under the common wealth programs.

VISA APPLICATION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION STUDENTS: Here the students are considered under lower migration risk, from where ever they belong to around the globe. The student visa applicant who file under CoE   i.e. Confirmation of Enrollment  from a Australian university at bachelors or doctoral level

PERMISSION TO WORK: For all the student visa application after 26th April 2008, will have automatic rights of work which would be included in the student visa charges if your grant is before this date then you must pay $75 for work rights.

EMPLOYMENT RESTRICTIONS: as per regulations before March 2012, student were allowed to work about 20 hours per week, but  later altered to 40 hours of working every 15 days along with unlimited working hours during semester break , the same is not applicable for students carrying masters or doctoral  degree.

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