Australia spouse visa requirements and proof of genuine

The moment you think of applying Australian Spouse visa, which is one of the most regular types of application which many people are in need of. But this is one of the toughest application processes since the officer will be looking for more proof and documents for your genuine relationship. Here are the below points as per the expertise to keep in mind before applying for your spouse visa.

One of the most main general pitfalls of partner visa process is that it is easy to apply if their partner is a citizen of Australia or a Permanent Resident in Australia. As said earlier, since the genuine of relationship matters a lot, there is no guarantee that your application is processed faster since your partner is an Australian Citizen or a PR Holder. You have to work on lots of documentation before applying for this visa.

Many people normally assume that if you have a friend or a relative in Australia, this will help them fetch them the visa easily. However it is not so, Even if you know any of your friends has got the visa under the same category; you cannot expect the same for your application. Since each application is different under the case officer view, they might also ask you to submit extra document which your friend has not submitted

Plenty of people often believe that a marriage certificate is all that is required to submit and to get a spouse visa.  But unfortunately only marriage certificate will not serve the purpose. You have to submit all possible documents to prove your relationship.

Another common mistake made by the applicants is not taking the second opinion about the process.  Getting the help of the right immigration consultant will certainly be of help to you to all the efforts and the money you invest in.

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