Australia Sponsored Subclass 457 visa by registered employer

Australia sponsored subclass 457 visa has to be sponsored by a qualified registered employer, running a lawful business in Australia. The visa entitles the visa holder to work for four years in Australia. The visa holder is eligible to bring the family with him to live in Australia for the four year period. He/she can travel in and out of Australia without any restrictions. A skilled position can be filled under the 457 visa program with an outsider having required skills for the position. The employer must sponsor the employee to get the visa.

The applicant should have the skills and qualifications that match the qualifications and the skills required by the job, where the employer needs the qualifications to perform the job through the applicant. The skilled worker should have the required English language skills as per the visa program rules and regulations. The skilled is eligible to get necessary licenses and permits to perform the job in the employer’s organization. The applicant should have a health insurance for the entire period to meet his medical expenses in the country.

The temporary four-year visa is issued to perform the job for a limited period of time only. But the visa holder is allowed to apply for a state nominated visa 489, which gives more facilities and medical care as well as the residence permit to live and stay in the country. State nomination allows the partner to work and live with the principal applicant and the applicant can add dependent children and family members in the application while applying for a 489 visa.

The sponsorship under the visa program can be possible only after the sponsor could not find a suitable employee with the same skills and requirements in the country from an Australian citizen. The job should be listed in the Consolidated sponsored occupation list.

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