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 For all the eligible candidates, deciding what category of visa to apply is considered as one of the serious matter. The highly admired visa in Australia is the “Skilled Migration Visa”, but before we apply we have to check do we come in that category…Let us check what types of visa are offered:

  • Working Holiday Visa:

Youngsters within the age group of eighteen to thirty would be appropriate to apply for this visa. They can get short-term or temporary jobs so that they can stay in Australia & earn while they stay.The applicant should have a companion/spouse/mate who is a Permanent Resident of Australia and he/she should be a immediate family member. So the person from Australia is called Applicant’s Sponsor. The Sponsor should support the applicant with his financial documents and an assurance/pledge for the duration of the applicant’s stay in Australia.

  • Employers Sponsored Visa:

This visa is available for those who would sponsor their employees from abroad to Australia. The duration of the visa is based on the request by the Employer depending on the duration of the work the employer expects the employee to stay.

  • Business or Investment Visa:

Businessmen who are well established in their business or had a well-establishedbusiness are eligible to apply for a Business or Investment Visa.

  • Retirement Visa:

People who decide to stay in Australia after their retirement can apply for this type of visa. The applicant should have good amount of cash in this bank to fulfill the visa conditions. 

  • Lack of skills is one of the mainand foremost concerns for Australia. For the year 2015, to escape economic disaster New South Wales has predicted a figure of 300,000 jobs/vacancies for Trade/Qualified Diploma workers. Based on the latest calculations/predictions we can see that Australia has been permitting thousands of skilled visas to qualified aspirants. It doesn’t appear like this tendency will replace anytime shortly.

In order to be eligible and successful for Skilled Migration, aspirants should get more points. These points are calculated on the basis of:-

  • Age,
  • Education,
  • Work Experience,
  • Profession ,
  • English capability,
  • Intimate relatives staying in Australia,
  • Worked or Studied in Australia.
  • Bonus points will be offered if supported by a state which is in need of the skills which you have.


Things To Look Out For When Migrating To Australia 


The biggest and the major decision is about migration to other country.  Some of the questions to be considered are:- In which state are you planning to stay in Australia? What affects would you have in terms of Taxes, Education for your kids, Housing, Salary etc.?  The resolution is you can personally discover how it is to stay in Australia and make up your mind to select the state you want to settle.  You can visit Australia for a vacation and experience the Australian regime/standard of living. By visiting Australia you can also experience the other factors like weather, jobs, housing, education etc. 

Drawback 2:-Not comprehending the drawbacks and restrictions of each Visa type.

It is very essential to understand what you can do in a visa and what you cannot do. For example: Some visas will allow you to depart and return Australia several times. The resolution is, before you apply/select the visa type, you should be aware what have you planned to do in Australia. Based on your precise needs/wishes you can select the visa type.

Drawback 3:- Not aware of which visa would best suit your skills.

The Government of Australia offers numerous choices/alternatives for aspirants who have satisfactory work experience in numerous occupations. You or your spouse should have the ability/expertise which meets the standards of Australia. The profession should be listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). This SOL is refreshed and announced once a year. 

Drawback 4:- Sponsorship from Relatives

The applicant will get supplementary/extra points if he/she has relatives settled in Australia. 

Drawback 5 :- Presuming all Visa Applications are the same.

It is not advisable to assume that every application for the visa is the same. They are different from each other. So ensure that you apply for the accurate kind of visa subclass. You can also take a free valuation online to evaluate & decide the visa type.

Australia Immigration – Offering Multiple Opportunities for the Immigrants to Succeed 

Australia is one of the wonderful island and an ideal destination to settle. The country offers plenty of growth opportunities to the migrants. Australia will be the right choice for someone considering having a peaceful life, progressed transport & communication, friendly people, out-of-doors lifestyle, excellent health care services, steady economy etc.

As the concentration of inhabitants is less, there is a scarcity of domestic skilled labors in most of the manufacturing, engineering and trade segments of Australia. As a result, Government of Australia keenly inspires the immigration of the skilled professionals. Businessmen also have got opportunities for migration to Australia if they are able to support to the development of the previously prosperous Australian economy by organizing capital or by generating jobs for the citizens of Australia.

The General Skilled Migration Program (GSM):-

The GSM program accelerates the immigration of the skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs to Australia so that they can preserve/continue a steady and sturdy economy. One of the important advantages is that GSM offers PR status.

GSM program was launched in July 2012.  On the whole it is an online application program in which the applicant at the start has to complete an online form called as Expression of Interest (EOI). The applicant’s skills have to be assessed by the authority which is called as Assessing Authority. Currently, Australia has 37 various skills assessing bodies. Getting the skills assessed by the related authority is the main factor. The applicant has to clear the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test based on the requirement. Then the applicant can file an application for the Skilled Worker’s Visa. The applicant will get selected by Territory or a State in Australia.

There are some additional Requirements such as:-

Age Factor:- The applicant should be below 50 years.

Education Factor:- The applicant must meet the education required for skills he/she possess to apply for that particular Skilled Occupation.

English Language:- The applicant must be proficient in the English language.

Health Factor:- The applicant should be in good health at the time of assessing or at the time of medical test.

Character Factor:- The applicant should not have any criminal history or he/she should be of a good character.


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