Australia Skilled Migration Visa and Working holiday visa for the Abroad Job seekers

Australia Skilled Migration Visa and Working holiday visa for the Abroad Job seekers

When you think about migration, the very next question which arises is to which country and which category of visa to be applied. Selecting the right category is one of the crucial for desperate migrants. Australia is one of the most preferable country for potential migrants. Find below the different type of visa available for Australia.

Firstly, Work Holiday visa sounds interesting which is suitable for young people between 18 to 30 who wants to spend time in Australia at least for a year. Under this visa you can work temporarily work and earn in dollars. Work Holiday visa is available every year so you have fair chance of getting one.

Family visa will help you to go settle in Australia if you have partner or member of your immediate family in Australia on a permanent basis. The family member residing in Australia can sponsor your application which will make your file strong showing that you have support during your initial period in the country.

You will be to work in Australia under Employers sponsored visa if your employer is ready to depute to Australia from your home country.

You can also start your business or even investment in Australia under business and investor visa.

You also have retirement visa available for people who want to immigrate to Australia after they retire. In order to apply for this visa you should show sufficient funds to satisfy the requirement of this particular visa.

Last but not least, you have skilled migrants visa which is very much appropriate for people with trade skills, technical skills etc. This will include plumbers, electricians , software engineers and other occupations such as Nurse. These occupations are highly in demand. This skilled migration visa is based on point system so it is very important to understand whether you qualify for this visa and then apply.

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