Australia Skilled Independent (Sub Class) 189 Visa

Skilled Independent visa is for the individuals who are not sponsored by an employer or the state or a territory in Australia. If a person who is not invited and sponsored by a family member also can apply under th3e scheme. IF you are given a visa under the scheme you are free to work and live anywhere in Australia. There are no restrictions on place of work and live as in the case of skilled nominated visa scheme. A list of certain family members from your family can be included under this visa program to stay and live with you.


A person can apply for a visa under the scheme only after he has received an invitation from the Government of Australia after submitting the expression of Interest. The expression of Interest must have the skill details and the job applied for and the family and occupation details including experience, age, educational qualifications on the subject in which he is going to work. English language skills are also required to be invited for a job under the scheme. The occupation must be in the list released by the authorities of Australia and should have the skill assessment for the occupation prescribed in the list and application.

Points to qualify for the 189 visa

On receiving the invitation, the applicant must be under 50 years of age. Out of 100 points to measure the suitability to get the visa the applicant should score at least 60 points to qualify to apply for the job. Failing which will be disqualifying the applicant from applying a job under the scheme. You may please contact Global Gateways in Bangalore to find the other opportunities even after not qualified for a job under the scheme. Our experts in the job search and visa schemes will explore further chances to get a job in Australia or in any other country of your choice.

Expression of Interest

The expression of interest has to be submitted from outside Australia and when you are invited you can apply for a job. You must meet health and character requirements to apply for a job even after you get an invitation from the authorities. Relevant assessing authority should assess the qualifications and skills as per the current rules and regulations of the Australian Government.

Ensure that your skills are matched with a job in the occupation list, which is in demand in Australia.

Dependents of you and your partner’s are also can be included in the application from for visa under the scheme. Your and your partner’s relatives and children are eligible to be included in the visa application. Your family members have to meet certain requirements prescribed by the Australian authorities and you should know the meaning of “dependent” to be eligible to add in the application for a visa. Proof of dependency details has to be attached for verification.

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