Australia skilled independent 189 visa

Australia skilled independent 189 visa is mainly for skilled individuals from IT industry. IT professionals of any section are welcomed to Australia under this visa. If you have a 6 years of experience in the same sector in which you got your degree from a reputed and recognised university.

Under this visa the individuals are allowed to work any where in Australia that is in any state where the job is available. The applicant can choose any employer from any state to work. Even he can change his job to any state without any conditions. His wife also can get a suitable job in Australia and the children are eligible to get a free education till the school level as the Australian citizens enjoy the facility.

To get all information about the skilled 189 visa you can please contact Globalgateways as your service assistant to apply and process the visa application. Global gateways, the visa and immigration consultants in Bangalore have a 15 years of long rich experience in applying and processing visa and immigration applications for qualified Indians.

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