Australia Prospective Marriage Visa

Prospective Marriage Visa

The visa applicant should have a proposal to marry an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident permit holder or an eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa is valid for nine months only. The applicant can visit Australia and stay multiple times during the visa period. Proof of the Australian citizen or the permanent resident has to be attached with the application. The visa applicant must enter Australia before the marriage with the Australian resident.

The visa holder can work in Australia during the visa period in Australia.

After the marriage, the visa holder can apply for the partner visa to stay and live in Australia with the partner. The visa holder can start studies in Australia but cannot access Australian government funding for studying expenses and living expenses in Australia.

If the visa holder has a pending application for a partner visa, the visa holder can access the medical care and medical expenses and hospital care while staying in Australia. The visa holder is not eligible to access the Medicare programs after leaving the country temporarily or permanently.

Married or De Facto Visa

This visa allows the visa holder to enter in the Australia or remain stay in Australia basis on the relationship with the visa holder’s relationship with the married Australian person. You can stay in Australia as a temporary visa for a period of two years as allowed by the visa rules named as waiting period. If you have a permanent visa, after th3 waiting period is over you can stay if the relationship continues with your partner as it is.

The partner from Australia must sponsor you during the visa period. You can perform work in Australia till you get a permanent visa from the authorities. The visa holder can study in Australia, but as an outsider, that is the visa holder cannot get access to the Australian study finds and will be charged on full charges applicable for a foreign student.

The visa holder can enroll for the medical expenses and the Medicare program in Australia, during the stay. The applicant and the partner should be in a de facto relationship during the whole 12 months period of the visa from the date of applying for the married or de facto visa.

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