Australia Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

Australia Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

The Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 allows people to visit the prospective spouse for marriage in Australia. The applicant has to be in the intention to marry an Australian citizen or Australia permanent residence permit holder or an eligible New Zealand citizen in the country. The visa will be issued for nine months period of time and the applicant has to be in outside of the country and the marriage can be held any country in the world. The wedding does not need to be in Australia.

The entry to visit the prospective spouse before the marriage held in Australia or any other country is possible. The visa holder can travel to and from Australia as many times as he/she wants within the nine months period of time. The visa holder can work in Australia during the validity of the visa, but since this is a temporary visa, most of the employers may not get interested in providing the occupation to the visa holder.

The visa holder can join any academic course in Australia with his own funds; he/she cannot get any funding assistance from the government of Australia or tertiary of the country. The temporary visa holder has to apply for a partner visa after the marriage. The applicant of the visa has to have a valid passport and if any changes in the passport and in case of applying for a new passport the applicant has to inform the Australian visa authorities about the progress of the passport and on getting the passport, the details has to be submitted to the authorities.

The visa applicant has to pay the fees prescribed in the schedule of the fees. And there may be some additional charges for health assessment and police certification charges as well as the other certificates and tests as per the rules and regulations of the visa department. The applicant has to wait for the visa authorities instructions on when the tests and the certificates have to be taken and submit the same with the office of the visa department. Certificates prior to the instructions and cannot be taken as a valid one for scrutiny.

The applicant can include the dependent children of his own and the dependent relatives of the principal visa applicant. Documentary evidence has to be attached with the application to prove the relationship with the applicant. The child and the relatives have to meet the requirements of the visa department to be eligible to consider as the dependent child and the dependent relatives.

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