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The Partner visa enables the partner/spouse of an Australian citizen, permanent residence visa holder and eligible New Zealand citizen to visit and stay with the country. If you want to apply for the visa, you must be in a relationship to marry an Australian citizen or a permanent residence visa holder.

The visa processing time can go up to 15 months from 12 months. The partner has to apply for a subclass visa 820 to be eligible to initially stay in the country with the partner. Then the 820 visa holder has to apply for a permanent partner subclass visa 801 to live and settle in Australia permanently. The applicant and the 820 visa holder have to stay in Australia while applying for the visa and must stay in Australia at the time of deciding on the visa.

On special occasions, the visa will be granted even if you broke the relationship with the Australian citizen partner or the permanent residence holder or the eligible New Zealand citizen.

For both 820 and 801 visas the applicant can submit a single application and the fees also can be paid once, but the visa processing period will be divided and it takes each 2 years’ time to process both visa requirements.

The visa applicant can stay in Australia till the process complete and can work in the country during the same period. If eligible the applicant can apply for a citizenship visa even at the time of the previous application is still pending for approval. After the visa has been granted the visa holder can travel to any other country and return back multiple times for 5 years period and then the visa holder has to apply for a different type of visa to continue the stay in the country. You can access some social security measures and payments as well as can access Medicare program, which is a health care program offered by the Australian government from which the applicant can get some medical expenses from the authorities.

Before applying for the visa whether it is temporary or permanent the visa applicant should hold a valid passport and in any case if the passport is changed or modified the applicant has to notify the changes to anyone of the nearest authority with an “ImmiAccount”

The application and the process costs a bit and to know the cost of application and the processing procedures, you may please visit Global gateways in Bangalore.

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