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Parent Visa subclass 103 lets the parents stay and live with their child in Australia, who is a lawful citizen of the country. Parents must be outside Australia while applying for the visa. The applications must be submitted in the home country, where they are living currently. If the parents are temporarily staying with their child then the temporary visa should qualify to allow them to apply for the visa. But still, the parents must be out of Australia on the date when the visa application decided.

The child is the sponsor of the parents and is a permanent residence visa holder at the time of application. The child of the parents should stay at least for two years’ time as a permanent residence citizen in the country. The parents are subject to meet the Balance of test and pass the same. The parents have to wait on a queue till the decision is made on the application, which may take months to decide. Sometimes the visa approval may take up to 30 years. The parents are able to wait for that much long time and are able to support themselves in the home country or in Australia.

The child can be an eligible New Zealand citizen to apply for the visa to stay with the parents and sponsor them financially until the time the visa has been approved.

Note: This visa was repealed on June 2, 2014 and reinstated on 25th September 2014. If the application is made during the period, the applicants have to apply with a fresh application for the visa.

The parents are eligible to stay in the country permanently and after getting the permanent status the parents as Australian citizens can sponsor others to visit and stay in the country as per the rules and regulations of the country prevailing at the time of applying for the visa. The parents are eligible to get enrolled in Medicare and they can avail medical attention and expenses as they are living in Australia like full citizens and enjoy all the facilities. The Australia parent subclass visa 103 valid for 5 years only and after the period the parents has to apply for a return to residence visa and it gives an indefinite time period to stay and live in Australia.

If eligible the parents can apply for a citizenship in Australia. Living area and some other restrictions are imposed with this visa. To know the terms and conditions of the visa and the procedures you may contact Global gateways.

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