Australia Extended Visa period for Skilled Graduates and Workers

Australia Launches Extended stay for Highly Skilled Graduates

In the recent times the Australia government has revised the stay back option for skilled graduates looking for Jobs in Australia, for a period of up to 4 years. This particular amendment was passed by Australian Immigration Department (DIAC). This new launched Australian visa scheme is highly appreciated by migrant skilled graduates and workers.

In the coming years there would be huge rush of international students especially from Asian and Pacific regions in Australia in order to avail this visa scheme opportunity before any further changes in this particular scheme.

The Australian government has also launched new visa scheme for short stay foreign workers who wants to come to Australia for highly specialized tusks. Earlier the Australian student after the completion of their degree was allowed to stay for 18 months wherein according to the new scheme the foreign skilled graduate gets sufficient time to gain work experience in Australia within a time span of 4 years.

All the international students holding student visa in Australia are highly recommended to apply for Australian visas within a time span of 6 months after successfully completing graduation.  The applicant also needs to undergo Skills assessment which is also a mandatory requirement in this particular visa scheme. There are also opportunities for the international students to apply for permanent residency from normal student visa given for the skilled graduates.

For low skilled worker it’s a excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and experience working in Australia and attain highly specialized worker within the short time span. This move has also attracted international workers worldwide to a great extent.

According to the government of Australia this new visa scheme will attract lot of tourists, business visitors and highly skilled workers. Even sports personnel, athletes, entertainers fall in this category of high skilled workers wherein they require invitation from Australia to participate in the event organized by the country.  Thus according to Australian government this visa scheme is going to be beneficial to a larger extent in the international level.

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