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Employer Sponsorship 457

The employer sponsorship system enables Australian businesses to find rightfully qualified and experienced staff within the Australian jobs Market to help them to enlarge their businesses. Under the Australian Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) the employer can sponsor an overseas candidate to work in Australia with a provisional or permanent visa.

The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) enables Australian employers to nominate highly skilled overseas workers to fill positions that cannot be filled from within the Australian labor market or from side to side the employer’s own training programs.

Overseas skilled workers may be sponsored by an Australian business or overseas business in commission in Australia as long as the candidate has the right skills, qualifications and work experience. The employer’s location, location available and business needs will also be taken into account.

List Of Occupations

Positions must correspond to an occupation on the ENS List of Occupations, must pay at least the minimum salary specified for the occupation in a government Gazette Notice, and must be full-time and available for a period of at least 3 years. Positions must also be in accordance with the standards for working conditions provided for in relevant Australian workplace legislation.

In exceptional circumstances the Australian Department of Immigration may grant sponsored visas to individuals without 3 years post training employment, over the age of 45 or with less than vocational English. 

Finding Employer Sponsorship

We have a database of sponsored employment opportunities in our member site which are regularly updated. You will find opportunities across Australia in this database and in many different industry sectors including Medical, Automotive, IT, Engineering, Finance and Transport. Visit our Sponsored Employment page to access these fantastic opportunities. 

Employer Nomination Scheme

This visa is for skilled workers from outside Australia or skilled temporary residents who live and work in Australia. This is a permanent employer sponsored visa – for temporary employer sponsored visas, please see our Subclass 457 Work Visa section.

Information for Australian employers

If you are an Australian employer who all wishes to fill a job vacancy from overseas, by employing an employee who is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, please contact us for more information

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), is to help employers who live in areas AWAY from the large cities to find skilled workers. If your business is in a city area, please use the above-mentioned visa instead.

As a migrant applicant, you must be prepared to live in a country area or one of the smaller capital cities. Country areas are beautiful and the people very friendly and helpful to new arrivals. This visa is for skilled workers from outside Australia or skilled temporary residents who live and work in regional Australia.



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