Australia Dependent Child visa – Subclass 445 Consultants in Bangalore

Australia Dependent Child visa – Subclass 445

This visa is for the child of the parent who holds the temporary partner visa, the temporary partner visa, which has no inclusion of the child in the partner temporary visa. IF this visa is granted for the child, while applying for the permanent partner visa, the parent has to apply for the permanent dependent child visa along with their permanent partner visa application.

The children under 18 can only apply for the visa. He child should single and financially dependent on the parents. The children with disability are also can apply for this visa through their parents. This visa is required till the parent’s temporary visa to be made permanent after an application for the same. Mentally ill children, incapacitated with totally or partially handicapped children are eligible to apply for the visa through their parents.

While the parents are under a temporary residence visa and sponsored by some other permanent residence visa holders, the child is also should be sponsored by the same person, having a permanent residence visa. The child can live outside Australia or inside the country on applying the visa. Siblings of the child want to apply for the same visa; they need to apply in separate applications.

Till the parent’s permanent visa application decided, the children can stay with the parents and the sponsor of the parents and the child. The child can travel throughout the country and take up the study courses. The child is eligible for the Medicare program on the application. Medicare is one of the health care programs of the Australian government for the people, those who need healthcare.

The parents of the child are not eligible to apply for the visa if they have already served a visa that have the clause “No further stay”. To know whether your existing visa enables you to apply for the visa or not, contact Global gateways. The child visa expires, on getting the permanent residence visa approval for the parents and the child.

Contact us to get closer to your child by getting the visa. Global gateway offers free consultation and free assessment on your chances of getting the visa to visit the country.

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