Australia Child Visa Sub Class 101- Application, visa processing and fees

The parent who is an Australian citizen has to apply for the visa on behalf of the children under the age of 18 years. The Australian parent can bring his/her own child under the visa program to Australia. Here the Australian parent is called as a sponsor for the child. An eligible New Zealand citizen also can apply for the visa, if the children are in a different country. The visa applied on behalf of the child has to be applied outside Australia in the country where the child lives. The application has to be filed by the parent, who is an Australian citizen or the permanent residence permit holder. The child has to be in the home country at the time of the visa is decided.

If an Australian citizen wants to adopt a child from outside Australia, he/her then applies the Adoption visa Subclass 102. If the adopted child is adopted, before the parent, who is now Australian citizen or a permanent residence permit holder or an eligible New Zealand citizen , becomes the so, can apply for the child visa subclass 101.

Children born in Australia need not apply for an Australian visa or the citizenship. The child becomes an Australian citizen automatically if either parent of the child is Australian citizen or permanent residence permit holder or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

If the child born outside of Australia, to either parent, who is the citizen of Australia, is eligible to apply for Citizenship in Australia. If both the parents are not Australian citizens at the time of children’s birth, the parent now an Australian citizen has to apply for the child visa subclass 101. The child can stay in Australia and travel anywhere in Australia. Study and medical claims can be made as like the citizen of the country. The child can enroll in the Medicare scheme to get all the benefits and expenses under the program. The child is eligible to sponsor the relatives to visit and stay in Australia and apply for a permanent residence I Australia.

The child visa subclass is for five years and after the period, the children need a separate visa to enter the country. During the five year period, the child can travel outside Australia and enter multiple times. There is no limitation on travel in and out of the country.

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