Australia Business Visa – Business and Innovation & Investment Visa

Australia Business Visa

                Business and Innovation & Investment Visa

Australia Business Visa allows you to run and own your own business in Australia & can continue business & investment activity as well

You are eligible to get this visa only if you are nominated by state or territory & hold provisional business innovation & Investment visa or should hold a special category visa or a business visa

Business Innovation and Investment visa can be applied only after you fulfill the requirements for a provisional visa. If u are a holder of provisional business innovation & investment visa and if the state which not nominated you has not withdrawn your nomination then you are nominated by the state or territory

You are not required to submit a new expression of interest to apply for this visa. The state or the territory government agency will nominate you asking you to fulfill the primary criteria in order to complete the visa procedure

Benefits of the Visa

Australia Business Visa will allow you to manage your business or investment in Australia & if it’s a permanent residence visa then it will allow you to

  • Stay in Australia as long as you want to be there
  • This visa will allow You to study & work in this country
  • You can enroll for Medicare which is a scheme for health-related care & expenses
  • If you are eligible you can apply for Australian citizenship
  • It will permit for eligible relatives for permanent residence at Australia
  • From the date of visa issued you can travel for five years from this country

Requirements to apply for this visa

Australia Business Visa needs proper travelling documents & passport. If you are planning to get new passport that should be done in prior you apply for visa

After lodging application if you get your new passport then you must share all your details and should update all your passport details using Immigration Account

Cost : The complete Australia Business Visa  expenses are disclosed at fees & charges list & and it’s your own responsibility to pay the cost which occurs for health assessment, police certificates & any other certificates or tests.


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