Australia Business Talent- Permanent – Subclass 132- Visa

The business talent visa has two streams. The first is significant business history stream, under the scheme, the business person or the applicant must prove that an existing business or a new business needs the talent, the applicant possess. The applicant may start a business in Australia or can be partnered with an Australian business firm.

The other Visa stream in this category is Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream, to qualify under the stream the applicant might get a funding assistance from an Australian venture Capital Firm. The funding should not be less than AUD 1 million for a high value business idea. Australian venture capital firm should have satisfied with the business idea. Applications are by invitations only. To get an invitation the applicant must submit an expression of Interest and if qualified he/she will be sent an invitation from the state or territory in Australia.

The applicant must have AUD 1.5 Million assets as his/her personal and business assets. The business assets must alone should have a minimum of AUD 4, 00,000 net worth. Business turn over requirement will be AUD 3 million a year.

The Business talent visa is a part of the Business innovation and investment visa program and the applicant must satisfy the requirements of the Australia visa program. The visa program has been designed to expand the economy of the country and only the proven profitable businesses and proven employment opportunities associated with the businesses are only can get the funding from the Australian venture capital firm. To know about the complete details of the program and get more details please visit our office Global gateways in Bangalore. The expert counselors offer free counseling and free assessment on your profile and the investment opportunities in the country.

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