Australia Business Skill Visas are on the Rise

Australia Business Skill Visas are on the Rise

Australia Business Skill Visas are on the Rise

Australia Business Skill Visas are on the Rise

Australia Business Skill Visas are on the Rise

Since the introduction in 2012, Subclass 132 Visa grants are on the rise.  For example, at the inception of the program, State of Victoria issued a mere 34 invitations.  By comparison, 934 invitations were issued in 2017.

The purpose of Subclass 132 visa is to allow an applicant to establish a new or develop an existing business in Australia.

Business Talent Visa has two streams:

Stream One – Significant Business History: for high-calibre business owners who want to do business in Australia

Stream Two – Venture Capital Entrepreneurs: for people who have sourced venture capital funding from a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).

It is a permanent visa which has a higher age cut-off (under 55) by comparison with ENS where the age cut off is mere 45.

The programme is managed via Skill Select as this information assists State/Territory government agencies to identify persons who they may nominate to help meet labour market needs in their respective jurisdictions.

In order to receive an invitation an applicant must be nominated by State or Territory, whilst there are similarities in terms of nomination requirements across states and territories, there are also subtle differences.

Specific criteria for each State and Territory are generally listed on their website and applicants are highly encouraged to check each state and territory’s government website prior to submitting their application to ensure they:

  1. meets the requirements for the relevant state at the time of application
  2. are able to comply with any conditions imposed by the state

For applicants who are over the age of 55, they may be able to access the age waiver based on economic need of the State/Territory.

Whilst this is a permanent visa, Home Affairs may request information during the 3-year monitoring period.

This is done by asking the visa holder to complete a 24-month survey and supporting documentation regarding their business activity in Australia.

Home Affairs will also seek feedback from the State or Territory sponsor regarding the visa holder’s efforts to engage in business. It is important therefore that visa holders maintain contact with their State or Territory sponsoring authority after arrival in Australia.

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