Australia Sports Visa for Multi Purposes

Australia’s popular game is Cricket and everyone knows the rivalry between Australia and England, watching  game between the enemies like teams would be an wonderful experience.  The fire ans the real fight between the teams is a real sportive event, that everybody has to see and enjoy.

Visiting Australia for a sports event watching and encouraging your favorite team needs a special sports visa from the authorities. And we can use it as a tourist visa also for a limited period of time.

It is always exciting to get sponsored to play in a country like Australia.  It is also thrilling to watch a match also as a spectator in Australia.  The subclass of 401 visas allows one to participate in sports. This visa allows sports professionals and amateur sports people to participate in sports in the country.

The categories of sports people who can avail this visa are:

  • Coaches, staffs, instructors who are involved in Australian sports club or similar organization.
  • Players or participants who undertake any sports training program.
  • Judges and adjudicators
  • Individuals or teams who are part of or taking part in any event or contest in Australia.

For obtaining this visa one needs to get by an Australia organization which conducts or promotes events like sports. One can avail this visa either for 2 years or the duration of their sponsorship.

There is both short term as well as long term sports plan for professionals hoping to go to Australia for training. There is also 4 years program for someone who is a professional rugby player who has a contract with any club for upto 4 years.

Partners can also accompany you on sports visa. A de facto partner can accompany if there is a proof that both the partners have lived together.

There are specific requirements for obtaining this visa. The documents required would be- health insurance, funds which can support your stay in Australia, English proficiency, proof of your skills.

Australians love sports and it is always a good option to get a sports visa if you have the ability.

Global gateways assist you in getting a sports visa from Australia for a specific event or a number of events. Call us now to know about the Australia sports visa requirements. The documentation process should not create a doubt in the Australian authorities, if it happen your application may possibly rejected.

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