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Canada Express Entry 2015 Visa Program – H1B USA Visa Specialists, Since 1997 we have been mastering and expertise our quality of services, in Work abroad, Study abroad and Distance education services in India.,

Visa facility and services- VFS for the countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Denmark, the UK and the USA are provided by Global gateways in Bangalore. Visa facility and services are a kind of services provided to the clients to apply for various visas like Tourist visa, PR visa, Permanent residence visa, work visa, family visa, dependent visa, child visa and refusal visa.Australia Needs More Overseas Workers To Boost Economy

Australia should welcome more migrants and will need more than 250,000 a year by 2050 to raise living standards and boost the economy, according to a new analysis report. Such a policy would add $1.6 trillion to the economy and should be regarded as a positive move at each migrant would be contributing around 10% more to Australia’s economy than existing residents.

We love to transform the life of our Indians; because we believe our Indians are the best and most competent people. We have chosen this profession to bring improvement and to transform the life of our Indians. Because by Working abroad and Studying Abroad many Indians have become Better persons and contributing greatly for our countries growth.
Canada Offers Express entry 2015 visa program, which enable the aspirant to access the entire Job market in Canada. Applications are received under the program right now. The application will be sent to a pool of job requirements and employers will select the right candidate. Canada express entry visa program 2015 offers Permanent residence visa to the work visa holder.
Want to know more about visa facilities and services for the countries Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, And Norway etc., you may please contact Global gateways in Bangalore. The 15 year experienced company in visa facilities and services getting a 99% success rate for their clients who applied visas with the help of the services of the company.

Gandhiji studied in England and worked in South Africa :: Sunil Mittal – UK :: Dhirubhai Ambani worked in Yemen: Rana Kapoor Studied in USA: Bobby Jindal Studied in USA and Working in US: Lakshmi Mittal working as a CEO in UK
WORK VISAS: Canada Express Entry 2015 visa program – We have been sending people abroad to various countries, through various Visas for all the purposes. Like H1B USA Visa,Work permit visas to other countries; Student visas, Long term visas, Short term visas, Immigration visas, Investment visas etc.
IMMIGRATION VISAS: Canada Express Entry Visa Program -We have been sending our clients to countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA(H1B USA Visa) etc. these countries are known for immigration. One of the reasons these advanced countries take our skilled Indians is because in these countries, the old population is more and the younger generation is very minute. For their survival and to do their day to day jobs efficiently, our smart Indians who are already good at English are very much essential and valuable for them.
In one line to strongly say, if you want to transform your life by working abroad, if you are eligible according to the high commission rules, we will assist you with the genuine work visas, otherwise we will assist you to study abroad and then settle there.
OTHER VISAS: We are also Masters in processing: H1B USA Work visa, Visitor visas, Internship visas, Business visas, Dependent visas, handling refusal visas, student visas, work visas all types of Short term visas, Long term visas etc. for various countries like Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe etc.
REFUSAL VISAS: For advanced countries, since the rejection rate of visas is very high, many clients they process their visas themselves or with people with limited knowledge and visit our offices across India with Refusal notice and take our services. In these cases, our success rate is more than 90%. In short we are masters and experts for All visas for All countries.
We proudly say, let it be any country and any type of visa, we have a perfect expertise solution for that. Our success rate is highest, we have knowledge, we have experience in facing all type of visa challenges, and we are committed.
We are continuously improving our skills and systems, through ISO 9001 international accreditation, and providing best services to our loving clients.
Since 11 years we have been giving Study abroad services, we are assisting our students to get admission offer letters (I-20) to various countries, like USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and Europe etc. for various courses like- Specialized Diploma courses, Bachelor degrees, Masters Degree courses, MBA’s, Phd etc.
We are efficiently giving our services to students because we have following skills:
• We have knowledge to understand student requirement by doing proper assessment
• According to eligibility criteria of Abroad University, we suggest the right country and right university to the student, which will bring transformation in Academic strength of the student according to his passion.
• We do research and find a right course, in a right country which meets his budget and purpose, by giving several Universities options.
• We communicate with the Universities and get Admission offer letters and scholarships.
• We Assist students in financial management – like Student loan, any other sources, where the student can meet the financial criteria of University and the High commission.
• We take commitment to see that student must get the visa because many students process their visas themselves or process with the people who have limited knowledge and come to our office, after their visa refusal. We have been expertise our skill in Visa process for every country since 1997.
Working abroad is the surest way to transform any person’s life. The evidence is, today more than 80% of the properties are purchased by NRIs and more than 80% of the wealth also accumulated with NRIs. By working abroad not only we get financial benefit, but also this is the surest way to become a Better and strong person.
We are highly committed, knowledgeable to fulfill the purpose of study abroad or Work abroad or Migrate Abroad.

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