3 Things to look out for when migrating to Australia

3 Things to look out for when migrating to Australia


  • One of the important decisions which people take is to migrate to other country. Key factor is also to decide on which state to select in Australia. Factors like housing, tax and education also play a role.


Answer: First and Foremost the applicant himself has to fly to Australia and experience the lifestyle first hand. All the information is available on the website and travel books.


  • The category of visa selection is very important while applying for Australian migration. Each category has its own merits and de-merits. It is specific to number of your entries and re-entries to Australia.

Answer: The applicant should be very sure about which visa he wants to apply under before migrating to Australia. He/She should be knowing what kind of benefits would each visa provide them.

  • The Australian Government provides wide range of opportunities for skilled applicants in Australia since there is requirement for skilled workers there. Every year the Australian high commission will issue a skilled occupation list according to the labour market requirement. The applicant and the spouse can apply for migration visa if their job profile matches with the High Commission requirement.


Answer: We should have a thorough understanding of the skill requirement of Australian High Commission in order to understand about the eligibility to move to Australia.



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