10,000 extra working visas released by Canada

10,000 extra working visas released by Canada

10,000 extra working visas released by Canada

10,000 extra working visas released by Canada

10,000 extra working visas have been released by Canada for youth from Ireland. These visas are available for any Irish national aged between 18 and 35 years. It is inclusive of Working Holiday and Young Professional permits.

The extra working visas released by Canada authorize people to reside and work in the nation for up to 2 years. The validity of the International Co-Op visas is 1 year, as quoted by the Independent IE. Canada is a popular choice for immigrants from Ireland. Thousands of Irish youth move to Canada annually.

Canadian Immigration Services announced the break up for immigration intake in the next 3 years. It will be 310, 000 for 2018, 330,000 for 2019 and in 2020 almost 340, 000 immigrants will be accepted.

Website of the Government of Canada explained the reasons for increasing immigration intakes. A statement said that there are factors such as falling birth rates and gaining population. These are a potential threat to the labor market and economy of Canada elaborated the statement.

The statement further elaborated that the Canadian government is committed to a migration system that accentuates the middle class. This will be achieved through supporting diversity and growing economy. It will also be the aim to build inclusive and dynamic communities, added the statement.

Canada has become diverse through its immigration system. It has also become prosperous and forthcoming to those in need. Diverse labor market demands and demographics drive the demand for immigration in Canada. But what sets it apart is the assistance to needy and commitment to integration.

Immigration will keep playing a key role to keep Canada at the forefront of the international economy, said the statement.

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