$1 Billion to fund Newcomer Services in Canada

$1 Billion to fund Newcomer Services in Canada

$1 Billion to fund Newcomer Services in Canada

$1 Billion to fund Newcomer Services in Canada

Canada has dedicated a total of $1 billion CAD to help new immigrants adapt to life in Canada! Newcomer services are essential to the success of immigrants, helping them to find housing, jobs, schools for children, and even registering for language classes. These services are free to new immigrants and essential to ensuring newcomers can lead successful and happy lives in Canada


Canada plans to admit nearly 1 million new immigrants between 2018 through 2020. The country recognizes that new immigrants need a little bit of assistance when they first arrive in order to thrive. This is why Canada is budgeting approximately $1 billion CAD towards newcomer services.

Speaking to the government, Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen explained, “We believe that equipping newcomers to succeed faster and to integrate is of benefit to all of us.”

Minister Hussen continued to mention that with the proper support, many economic immigrants surpass national salaries of average Canadians within a few years of arrival. With such positive outcomes, it makes sense that Canada would invest in the integration and settlement of new immigrants!


Newcomer services, sometimes called settlement services, are free services offered to Canadian immigrants when they arrive in Canada. These services are offered locally so that newcomers to most regions of Canada have access to an agency or service-provider to give them assistance. The services are confidential and free.

Newcomer services including the following major areas:

  1. Finding a job;
  2. Finding a place to live;
  3. Getting language training in English or French;
  4. Sign your children up for school, and;
  5. Filling out government forms (for healthcare, identification, etc).

When an immigrant first arrives in Canada, there are many things they must do and it can be quite confusing. Thankfully, new immigrants can use this tool to find an office offering newcomer services in their area! Many newcomer services are even offered in languages other than English and French, so new immigrants can request help in their native language.


It is not surprising that immigrants who are stronger in English and French are better able to succeed in Canada. For this reason, nearly 36% of the newcomer services budget is directed towards language training. This is a huge percentage of funding! These funds help immigrants strengthen their language so that they can succeed in the job market and interact more easily with their communities and with government services.

Immigrants, who want to ensure their success in Canada, simply have to contact their local newcomer services office to determine where and how they can take advantage of English and French language training!

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