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Canada Dependent Visa

The Government of Canada is focused on keeping families together. The Dependent Visa for Canada through the Family Class plan empowers Canadian natives and lasting occupants of 18 years and more seasoned to support their dependent kids, guardians, grandparents, mate, precedent-based law, and matrimonial accomplices.

So as to support an individual through Dependent Visa for Canada, a support needs to give archives demonstrating his/her accounts from the previous a year to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) so they can decide whether the support can monetarily bolster the individuals he/she is supporting.

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canada dependent visa

Dependent Visa for Canada: Sponsorship Eligibility

Individuals from the family class can be supported for a Canadian Dependent Visa on the off chance that they are:

  • Dependent youngsters under 22 years old, who don't have a life partner, customary law accomplice, or matrimonial accomplice.
  • So as to be qualified for a Canadian Dependent Visa, the dependent youngster must be the organic offspring of the parent or the embraced offspring of the parent.
  • To be qualified for Dependent Visa for Canada, the dependent kid must demonstrate to be monetarily dependent on the parent.
  • The dependent kid can't monetarily bolster him/herself because of a physical or state of mind. Youngsters matured 22 or more and who have been relying upon the budgetary help of their folks since before the age of 22 are additionally viewed as dependent
  • To get a Canadian Dependent Visa, you should give evidence of your relationship to your dependent youngsters.
  • So as to be qualified for Dependent Visa for Canada, kids being supported should experience a lawbreaker and restorative assessment. Dependent youngsters who have a criminal record or an infectious ailment might be kept from entering Canada.
  • The restorative assessment for the Dependent Visa for Canada must be finished by a doctor who is affirmed by the Canadian government.

Through Dependent Visa for Canada, you can support:

  • A youngster you received outside of Canada while you were a Canadian native or perpetual occupant living in Canada.
  • A youngster you mean to embrace in Canada.
  • Your sibling or sister, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter, on the off chance that they are a vagrant, under 18 years old and don't have a companion, customary law accomplice, or matrimonial accomplice.
  • Any individual who you have a family association with on the off chance that you don't have a mate, precedent-based law accomplice, matrimonial accomplice, child, little girl, mother, father, sibling, sister, granddad, grandma, uncle, auntie, niece or nephew who is a Canadian native, an enlisted Indian, a perpetual occupant or whom you may support.
  • Your life partner, custom-based law accomplice, or marital accomplice.
  • Your folks or grandparents.

Dependent Visa for Canada: Permanent Residency

Two phases are associated with the procedure of kids holding a Dependent Visa for Canada acquiring lasting home. In the primary stage, the backer of the dependent visa for Canada must apply for the sponsorship of dependent youngsters.

The application will be prepared by the Case Processing Center (CPC) of Canada. When the sponsorship is endorsed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the dependent kids holding Dependent Visa for Canada must apply for changeless living arrangement.

Processing time?

Sponsor a spouse, partner: about 12 months Sponsor a child: varies by country

The persons you sponsor may need to give biometrics after they apply. This processing time includes the time they need to give their biometrics.

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