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Visa consultants in Bangalore

  Global GatewaysH1B USA Visa Specialists, Since 1997 we have been mastering and expertising our quality of services, in Work abroad, Study abroad and Distance education services in India.,

We love to transform the life of our Indians; because we believe our Indians are the best and most competent people. We have chosen this profession to bring improvement and to transform the life of our Indians. Because by Working abroad and Studying Abroad many Indians have become Better persons and contributing greatly for our countries growth.
Gandhiji studied in England and worked in South Africa
Sunil Mittal UK
Dirubai Ambani worked in Yemen
Rana Kapoor Studied in USA
Bobby Jindal Studied in USA and Working in US
Lakshmi Mittal working as a CEO in UK

WORK VISAS: We have been sending people abroad to various countries, through various Visas for all the purposes. Like H1B USA Visa ,Work permit visas to other countries; Student visas, Long term visas, Short term visas, Immigration visas, Investment visas etc.