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USA L1A and L1B Visas for India

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Capacity to take in employers of L1 and H1 visas are to be expanded in US site inspection program by Us Citizenship and immigration services. Unannounced site visits will be made to prevent abuse of L1 visa breaching anti job shop rules.

24th Feb 2014 immigration reform is unlikely and blames to be made on Obama by senior republican

 19th Feb 2014 US immigration opens for H1b applicants on 1st April

During the first quarter of fiscal year 2014-15 the visits are expected to begin. Fiscal year of Us begins on
October 1st.The fact about site visits either to be made to new L1 petitions or to the existing once also is not clear.

A report by the inspector General of Department of Homeland Security as reported by had called for reform of the L-1 Visa system to prevent abuse. This is a part of USCIS response.

L1A and L1B

The basic need of L1q visas is to allow international companies with offices to transfer worker from overseas operations to work in US. The 2 types of visas in L1 category are L-1A for executives and managers and L1B for specialized workers with knowledge, where in L-1A lasts for seven years and L-1B for maximum five years.

For qualifying with L1A visa the international worker must have worked for US Company having qualifying relationship with foreign company. The meaning of this is foreign company and US Company are linked in a way which is qualifying for L1 visa.

As communicated by USCIS it is said that for firms to continue to have qualifying relationship US firm should be a parent affiliate, subsidy or branch of foreign entity and both the US office and foreign entity should share common ownership and control.

Outsourcing companies

L1 visas are used by international outsourcing companies like TCS, Cognizant, IBM, Wipro and Infosys .Outsourcing process is nothing but where companies contract out functions to other companies.

If firm A Contracts work for Firm B firm B will carry out work for Firm A fro the specific duration.

If firm B is an international outsourcing company bringing in workers from outside Us on L1 of Firm A then it might bring in suspicion the workers were actually from firm A and not from firm B.


When L1 worker is stationed at offices of another company, then USCIS says would place outsourcing companies breaching the immigration laws unless firm B can show the worker is not under control of Firm A the client of outsourcing company.

It would be feasible for L1 visa holder to conduct short term project at third company offices.

USCIS has communicated that office visits is to ensure that L1 workers are employed in accordance with immigration laws.

Blanket petitions

International outsourcing firms are said to be affected by checks made on L1 visa because check s are not taken place at offices of companies which are blanket petitions when applying for L1 .

The working of blanket petitions is as follows when firms apply for L1 visa it is easy to prove the relationship which can be qualifying rather prove over again. This is done by blanket petition.

The proof of qualifying relationship is applied by US firm who will apply for L1 visa. A blanket petition approval notice is received.

No need for Full proof.

Rather than sending full proofs of companies qualifying for L1 visas only a copy of notice with each L-1 application copy is sent then.

L1 workers nominated will still need to display that they are managers or have specialized knowledge.

Blanket petitions which are meant for large employers will not be subject to these checks .since all large outsourcing companies use blanket petitions their offices will not be visited by USCIS.

Site inspections without notice

Checks are carried out by USCIS on companies that employ foreign workers on H1B since 2009.Site inspections are said to be made without any prior notice. Inspectors instruct to check the H1b Visa holders are working in terms of visa grant laws