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UK migration committee to unveil proposal for Vis

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According to advocates of immigration instead of depromoting the uk visa, this visa creates the culture of ebay for PR in the city Britain.

According to rules & regulations of govt, migrants inorder to live in Britain can make 1m, 5m or 10m and the procedure can take upto 2 to 5 yrs. The people who cannot afford they should follow rules & regulations of the govt on what basis they can survive over there.

According to the committee of migration of uk, the applicants who are investing in many pounds is not beneficiary for the economy of uk. This programme became very famous in other nations like Chinese, Russian & Middle east countries.

By seeing this process, Mr. David Metcalf, on Tuesday introduced investor visas for every year & the investment of million pounds for visa made to universities.

The process ia accepted from the business dept, innovation & skills dept and also in the home office. And these got approved by the govt of maltese, inorder to sold passports for the amt 650,000 and European nations would assume that it would turn into a citizenship i.e. commodity of tradeable.

According to the programme of uk investor, the applicant would be a permanent holder in the main island so that they would grant a passport and also these applicants are elegible to travel to European states, but according to the idea of Maltas would been in argument.

According to the Mark Harper, the minister of immigration told that in December, the citizenship would become major problem for every individual and he was not happy suppose if any other countries of European put efforts to say that Britain citizens.

Home office sold investor visas to applicants of Chinese, Americans and also the Russians in the information act and the no.s from 423 to 530 in the year 2011 to2013. They selled visas in higher priority assuming that they not continue for longer time in uk.

The advocates of immigration argued the plan what they have introduced, and according to the Nick Rollason, immigration dept business head told that it would be  make an culture of ebay and also it gives the bad impression of public of UK.

According to Julia, the head of immigration dept told the present system of the investment visa what they are maintaining  would be very beneficial  to make the payment.And also solding these visa in priority, would not confirm them to survive there for longertime.

According to Mr. Rahman, the immigration head, wants the system to be more clear & proper for the investors or clients who investment money.It should bring a proper system, so that the clients can invest very safely and its manageable. 

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