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Student Visa System Abused to gain Illegal entry t

The home secretary has introduced a clamp down on supposed abuses of student visas after an investigation found the system was providing a free for all for illegal entry to the UK.

Theresa may suspended English language Test set by an exam board in the UK;  And temporarily withdrew recognition from a sequence of colleges and the immigration advisers are prosper market in illegal visas.

It is came into picture after an undercover investigation by BBC’s panorama revealed a group of visa agents was assisting overseas students to pass the compulsory language exams by producing false documents and observing their academics.

In one case a researcher pay an immigration consultancy in London GBP500 for a compulsory pass in an official language test. The same student chooses another test at the same center but the invigilator reads the right answers to all the remaining candidates.

In some other case an immigration consultancy in London is seen offered a package of bogus documents to the students to secure their visa for one year renewal. For this they are charging thousands of pounds.

Even they are producing false bank statements to show more amount in the account to satisfy the visa officer.

For too long many colleges and universities particularly private colleges have been selling these kinds of student visas and not the Education. It is the crucial time for those who are doing this illegal business.

Even the Government is going to strict the rules, the bogus colleges and economic migrants attempt to find new ways to exploit the system.

Mrs. May said we have taken the action & suspended the bogus colleges identified in our program. According to this action so many applications of students are under pending at immigration.

All further English Language Tests done through ETS (a US based Educational Testing Service) in the UK have been suspended. After the suspension ETS published a statement that, from now onwards we will work within country representatives to monitor all fraud cases.

We also work closely with police and local crime authorities to stop all these criminal offenses done by the illegal bodies and criminal mentalities. ETS’s TOEIC assessments are the most widely used work place English language Assessments trusted by nearly Fourteen thousands Businesses, Organizations and the Government authorities in almost One Hundred and Fifty countries updated.

When testing on al Global bases no test [provider can claim cent percent prevention or detention of fraudulent activity, but ETS does everything to detect and prevent illegal test administrators and test takers to protect genuine students whose dream is to study in the UK, because student visas are only the big source of non European Migrants to migrate in the UK.

In the year of 2011 and 2012 almost Two Hundred Thousands tier 4 visas issued to students from outside of the continent. Almost Hundred Thousands and more people each year have their visas renewable to stay in the UK for more period of time.

Students must and should need to show that they can speak proficient English Language and having a merit academic record, provide a bank statement to prove they have the enough funds and they are not going to use any public funds over there. It will get them a win acceptance from a approved College or an University.