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Skilled Independent Visa -Sub Class 189

The applicant profession, who falls under this category subclass 189 visa, can stay any city or any state in Australia from the day one itself. This visa is based on point system. And the applicant can take entire family members in this category.

Requisites of the Visa:

In order to qualify for this visa, applicant must qualify with all below criteria:

i). Applicants profession should match in the positive list from the govt.

ii). They have to meet 60 points based on the criteria of education, experience, IELTS score and also his age.

iii). He must be below 50 years of age.

iv). the concerned assessing authority must be approved for his skills.

v). He has to get minimum points 7 in all the components from English Test.

vi).And he has to apply for EOI.

vii). And he has to qualify for health as well as with the character.

Privileges of the Visa

a.     This visa allows main applicant as well as his entire family members to live & work in Australia.  He can study in regular for schooling, and also his college levels like degree & post degrees in reasonable prices.

b.    Medical insurance will be free of cost for entire family members.

c.     Social security scheme benefits are applicable from day one itself.

d.    Main applicant can apply for citizenship after completion of 3 yrs in Australia.

e.     Applicant can sponsor the parents or relatives.


How much this Visa Costs: 

This visa for main applicant would cost 3,520 A$.

Spouse charges 18 years and above cost 1760 A$.

For kids below 18yrs of age -cost 880A$. 

 Globalgateways Charges:

Applicant has to get medical certificate from the authorized hospitals.

He has to get the police clearance certificate from the concerned authorities where the applicant is living.

He has to obtain the transcript and also has to obtain attested for the photocopies of all documents. 

 Globalgateways guides the immigrants for the happy travel to Australia without any problem and also provides services for 40 countries & above entire the world. And also experts prepares for the documentation for achieving the visa to be granted.